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3dmagix 3d animation software

A Preview Of The Animations and Models You Can Create

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The following images are actual screenshots of at work. Take a look at some of the amazing animations and models you can create with Blender and 3DMagix.

Remember, 3DMagix comes with hours of video training and animated tutorials to teach you step-by-step how to re-create everything you see below:

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"Remarkable Powerful and A Joy To Use. Highly Recommended!"

  3DMagix animation computer program testimonial
Alex Haney
Digital Artist
Compton, CA

"I recently became a senior digital artist. I studied architecture at college and realised that I was having more fun creating illustrations of my arrchitectural designs that I was actually designing them!

Since then, I have taken a handful of animation workshop courses and have found this one to be the best animation software and system I've ever come across.

The software is remarkably powerful and there was a high degree of easy to follow tips in the videos and it was well laid out. A highly recommended product.

It is a joy to use 3DMagix and learn from Cody. I'm already applying what I learned at work."

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Want an easy and cost-effective way to create computer animations like hollywood studios? There is only one product in the market that does that, and that is Blender & 3DMagix suite. Weave your own web of magic today...

To Remarkable Animations,

Cody Landon
Software and Graphics Engineer

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