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3D Animation History - It All Started With
Toy Story!

3D animation is all about creating apparently-authentic images that move around and seem to have a life. Basically, animation creates an illusion of movement by swiftly displaying images in 2D and 3D formats. Needless to say, computers and technology have a major role to play in this field.

A peek into history

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Though there have been several recent advancements in animation, the origination of this art dates back to more than a decade ago. The first 3D animation film ‘Toy Story' came out in the early nineties and awed everybody, hinting at a revolution that the entertainment industry was soon to see. The concept was a hit and many more animated movies followed. The world stood up and took notice of the magic that animation could create following the release of the super-hit ‘Jurassic Park' movies, which gave man the illusion of standing face-to-face with the gigantic dinosaur.

Widespread use of 3D animation

Though animation finds its place in many industries, the entertainment industry draws the maximum benefits from this art. Animation also makes it possible to bring up on screen the thoughts and ideas which would have otherwise remained confined to the imagination of some creative individual.

3D animation creates a lasting impression on the memory of the viewer – and this is probably one of the most important reasons for its popularity. Moreover, with the recent technological advancements, 3D animation has also become much better and cost-effective. Amazing scenes are created all with the use of smart technology and without having to shell out big bucks.

Besides entertainment industry, 3D animation also finds widespread use in education. Kids can be kept interested in the subject matter with the help of interesting 3D animations. 3D animation is very useful in explaining complex concepts in science. So, 3D animation finds a lot of use in creating learning aids for educational and training purposes (both in schools and industry).

Medical students too draw benefits from this technology as what is not possible to explain practically, is made feasible with 3D animation.

Even in pilot training institutes, simulators developed using the principles of animation can be used by the trainees to test their skills. Besides proving cost effective it is surely a much safer option for training pilots.

Animation also finds use in the World Wide Web as entrepreneurs can make use of this technology to deck up their sites and attract people. In fact, with social media and Web 2.0 picking up, the use of animation in the online world is slated to go up.

3D animation is one fine tool that helps bring out the complex facts in a simplified manner and consequently helps the exchange of information at a faster pace.

Animators are much in demand

With the advancement in technology, the 3D animation is also improving. The use of this art is growing and consequently the jobs in industry are increasing. Anybody who is keen to get into the 3D animation industry should have a creative bent of mind. And since most animation is done with the help of sophisticated software, budding animators are expected to be hands-on with using the animation-related software. A keen understanding of motion, movement, and acting are the other three qualities that an animator must possess.

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