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3D Animation School - Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing the right animation school will play a very important part in your animation career. What animation school you choose greatly depends on the path that you wish to take. Over the last ten years, many popular studios such as Dreamworks Animation and Pixar Animation Studios have had box office hits, there has also been an increase in “Triple A” game titles over the years.

These developments have led to a sharp rise for people with good animation skills and universities have responded to this increasing demand by providing degrees that specialize in various aspects of 2D and 3D animation.

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With the various animation degrees provided by prominent and new schools, the question still remains as to which animation school would be right for you. The best way to answer that question is to ask yourself what “exactly” do you want from your training – in other words, you would need to ask lots of questions before you even consider signing any admission papers.

(1) Where is the school physically located. Can I travel to the school? If so, do I have easy access?

(2) Should I physically attend the school, or should I do my degree online instead? This of course depends on your current living situation and whether or not an online degree is provided in the first place.

(3) If I need to live in the school environment – are there proper facilities? (There are many more questions that you would need to ask if you intend on living in the school environment). Are you ready to make this commitment?

(4) Is the information provided relevant to the current changes in the animation industry (this question links directly with the next one).

(5) Are the instructors experienced in various aspects of animation? What recent projects have they worked on?

(6) Are the instructors “closely linked” to the industry? In most cases, students that excel are able to get internships at popular studios via assistance by their instructors.

(7) Does this degree focus on all aspects of animation or is it limited. A well-structured degree program should teach you a wide range of animation skills.

Are You Ready For an Animation School?

The questions above are just a few of the many questions that you need to ask – but there is one question above all else that only you can answer.


What you need to understand is that animation is not just a “job” – anyone can get a job. Animation on the other hand has to be a passion – you will be making a full-time career from this passion – and if you don't have the passion to become a good animator to begin with, then it would be better if you did something else instead.

The best thing about the animation industry is that once you have the passion for it, you would be able to excel at your degree – no matter which school you choose! You must be willing to put in the time and effort to become a good animator.

With time, effort and dedication, you can make it in this dynamic industry. Who knows, maybe one day you would have your very own animation studio and you would be the one hiring animators to turn your digital dreams to reality.

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